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Why I Switched from Asana to ClickUp

December 12, 2020

I have always been an Asana lover – it’s an amazing project management tool. The user interface is very clean, and easy to navigate. Asana also offers a great free plan which is great for entrepreneurs who are just starting out with an online project management tool. If you haven’t heard of Asana or ClickUp, […]

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I have always been an Asana lover – it’s an amazing project management tool. The user interface is very clean, and easy to navigate. Asana also offers a great free plan which is great for entrepreneurs who are just starting out with an online project management tool.

If you haven’t heard of Asana or ClickUp, let me break it down for you.

Asana and ClickUp are online business tools. In their most basic use, they are task management systems and when they are being used to their fullest capacity, they are incredible project management systems.

Let me explain what a project management system does for me and give you some ideas of what it can do for you.

A project management system helps me to organize all of my task lists, set due dates, and assign specific team members to specific tasks within a project. It does all of this without you feeling overwhelmed trying to track down who is working on what and what stage that project is on. These systems also allow me to not live in my inbox.

A few years ago if you asked me how I managed my “task lists” I would have told you about my email inbox and how that email inbox used to hold all of the team conversations, all of the task lists, all of the client requests, and all of the questions. It was hectic, and it was not working.

I can now proudly say that with these project management tools, I no longer live in my inbox and I no longer feel constantly overwhelmed and behind in my work anymore. My team and I are able to stay incredibly organized while working focused and effectively, thanks to these online business tools.

So, Asana or ClickUp – which one works better?

Honestly, they both work well but here is why I have finally made my decision to move forward with ClickUp. (after switching back and forth 3x in the last month!)

After many years of using Asana, I started searching for other platforms that were similar to Asana because I was continuing to experience the limiting capabilities that Asana has for more detailed project management.

I explored working with Trello, ActiveCollab, Teamwork, and still could not find what I was looking for. That was, until I discovered ClickUp and now, I’m hooked!

I am continually blown away with what ClickUp offers and I’m excited to dive into some of my favourite features.

Not only was the decision easy to make, the process itself of switching my projects over to ClickUp was quick and effortless. ClickUp’s import tool makes it extremely easy to switch to their platform – you can import from the most popular project management systems, including Asana.

Some of the best Asana features are only available on the paid plan, such as the custom fields feature and “Rules” feature – for example: when a task is added to a certain list, automatically assign the correct team member.

But unfortunately these features are on Asana’s highest paid plan which costs $50/month (minimum 2 seat purchase is required). This ends up adding up to over $600/per year!

As a solopreneur who is also growing a team, that is very expensive!

ClickUp’s free plan is way more robust than Asana and has way more useful features.

ClickUp’s Unlimited Plan (which is the middle tier) has more features than Asana’s business plan and only costs $5/month per member which is only $60/per year! A HUGE difference!

Here are a few of the main reasons why I left Asana:

  • Slow/No New Features // They are really slow at releasing features. You will see on their message board that there are hundreds of customers that have been requesting a small feature and after over three years it’s still not on their roadmap! That shows me they really don’t listen to customer needs, and as a business owner who is paying a high fee for their platform, I believe that the customer feedback should be more important!
  • More Expensive // Like I mentioned above; to upgrade from a free plan to a paid plan, the price is quite high.
  • Customer Support // Asana’s support team is very slow at responding. On multiple occasions, their response time was around 5-7 business days.

Here are the reasons why I decided to make the move to ClickUp!

  • There is more organization opportunity – you can organize projects in Folders or create more spaces, it’s awesome!
  • I love automating tedious tasks. One of my favourite groups of tasks to automate with ClickUp is with all the tasks involved in signing a new client. With the integrations that ClickUp allows, when I sign on a new client in Dubsado, Zapier can automatically create a new ClickUp Folder (aka Project) from a Template that I have previously created and saved to use with each new client. This template includes my Onboarding Checklist, Project Checklist, and even my Offboarding Checklist! Asana doesn’t have this same allowance for integration.
  • You can track your time using an integration with Toggl for specific ClickUp tasks. Asana has a time tracker but it’s a general tracker and doesn’t track time per task, instead it tracks the project as a whole. I love being able to look back on how much time my team and I spent on projects and especially on each of the tasks.
  • ClickUp allows a Google Calendar integration. I can view all of the ClickUp tasks (the ones that I choose to see) on my Google Calendar now. I can even move tasks around in my Google Calendar and it will update the date and time change in ClickUp.
    ClickUp is even in the process of adding a complete two way integration so that you can see all of your Calendar events right inside ClickUp!
  • With ClickUp you can only assign tasks to members of the space/project/folder/list you are on. In Asana you can assign tasks to anyone in the organization, including guests. (one time I assigned the wrong task to someone – not good! I learned that lesson the hard way!)
  • You can show recurring tasks on your calendar in ClickUp. I love this, because I can actually see something ahead of time that needs to be done, whereas, in Asana you can not see recurring tasks until you complete the first one. An example of this would be when I schedule a recurring task that every Monday I have a 10:00AM team meeting, it will only show up for the following Monday. Once you “complete” that Monday team meeting task, the next Monday will show up. In ClickUp all of my recurring meetings show up, so I can actually feel confident in my calendar and my day-to-day schedule.
  • ClickUp releases new features every Friday! Which is always really exciting. ClickUp is always listening to customer feedback and their support team is fantastic!

I will always have a soft spot for Asana, because ultimately, that’s where my journey began. Now that I’ve found ClickUp, there is simply no way I could ever go back. ClickUp wins in all areas for me and I can’t wait to show you how it can help you too

You can view more information on ClickUp pricing here.

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